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Hi, I'm Valeska.

I'm a versatile writer, editor, and digital marketer who blends an academic background with a solid grounding in business writing to deliver customized content to clients in a variety of industries. I've had the great luck of learning from some of the most brilliant marketers in the industry and being invited to work with some truly exciting and innovative agencies.

Are you looking to revamp your website copy? Do you have a podcast that needs compelling show notes? Do you want help filling up your social media content calendar? Are you trying to implement a content marketing strategy to build an audience for your blog? Are you looking for a ghostwriter to keep your website updated regularly while you focus on running your business?

I can help you with that!

I'm obsessed with helping brands develop engaging digital content that captures audience attention and differentiates them from competitors. I help businesses and individuals craft and refine their messaging—I can turn a brief conversation or bulleted list into fabulous digital marketing content that showcases their greatest assets and turns their followers into screaming fans.

My clients love me. You will, too. Send me a message and let’s make some magic together!

I can help you express yourself.

I provide bespoke writing and editing services to a variety of clients, including B2B, B2C, non-profit organizations, as well as regular people who want a little help grabbing their share of the spotlight.

Most of my work involves creating seamlessly ghostwritten content that enables clients to express themselves and tell the story of their brand.

My specialties include content marketing, copy writing, podcast show notes, email marketing, social media content, and copy editing. I've created well-received case studies and video ad scripts and have revamped many CVs and cover letters for thrilled clients. If you’re looking for a service that isn’t listed here, please reach out to me—I do have experience in providing additional writing and editing services.


I’ve written about a variety of topics, including:

  • entrepreneurship

  • digital & content marketing

  • social media strategy

  • leadership

  • SEO

  • health, beauty & wellness

  • lead generation & sales

  • productivity & time management

  • genre film

  • food & beverage

  • design trends

  • luxury lifestyle

  • psychology

  • social justice & cultural studies

  • and a variety of commercial products & services



I LOVE working with Valeska. Not only does she completely and intuitively understand what my vision is but her ability to execute is beyond what I could have hoped for. She is worth every penny! She proactively finds topics and writes about them for me, making my life about 8000x easier and I love it. If you’re thinking about hiring someone, Valeska will give your work the time and care that it deserves and she’ll make a huge difference in your business.
— Emily Milling, Founder + Creative Director, The Ultimate Creative
Valeska is a legitimate rock star when it comes to copy writing. She has an innate knack for understanding a client’s needs, and is the fastest and most responsive writer I’ve worked with. I’m always amazed by how she is able to accommodate last-minute rush jobs and deliver amazing work every time.
— Michael Yack, Co-Founder, Brandable Ventures
Valeska was a pleasure to work with! She was very responsive, thorough, collaborative, and experienced. She’s insightful, gives practical advice, and will work at your pace and with your schedule. She delivers a high level and quality of service and a very reasonable price. If you need a resume refresh or want advice, I would highly recommend her.
— Megan Schuster, VP & Marketing Manager, J.P. Morgan
I’ve used Valeska’s services many times for editing and have always been extremely happy with the results. She is always able to glean the meaning and nuance of what I am trying to say and then help me express it in a clear and succinct manner. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a keen-eyed and thoughtful editor.
— Rayna Slobodian, M.Ed. Student, York University
Valeska has done copy writing and stylistic and substantive editing for me in the context of arts marketing and research. Her work is superlatively good, in quality as well as in promptness and efficiency. Valeska is a good communicator and makes sensitive and intelligent suggestions, while also being flexible and adaptable to my needs. I enthusiastically recommend Valeska for her writing and editing work.
— Joel Verkaik – Director, Ensemble Énigme
I was looking to update my resume after almost 10 years and was referred to Valeska by a friend. She was able to pick out the best
of my traits, revamp my resume into a concise and well organized format and created an exceptional cover letter. Extremely pleased with the result.
— Anna Rose Calkins, Bookkeeper & Office Manager
During the 4 years of my undergrad, Valeska was an indispensable and reliable editor for my many essays. She would take a look at my drafts and suggest style, structure, and content based changes. She is a thoughtful, patient, funny and intelligent woman and working with her is a lighthearted and educational experience. Her service level is quite high and she creates a very comfortable and down-to-earth working environment. She takes pride in your work as much as she would her own. Her knowledge base is quite vast, so she is able to make relevant and pertinent suggestions. I would endorse her in a heartbeat to anyone requiring a professional editing service that offers competitive prices and a non-judgmental and educational working relationship. 10 out of 10, would work with again.
— Tonya Lewis, Honors B.A., University of Toronto